Contamination - The Scourge Grows CD

Contamination - The Scourge Grows CD

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Oldschool Black Metal (which means, no over-produced, modern hipster bullshit!) with the pictavian master "Shaxul" (Ex-Deathspell Omega/Manzer) on drums and vocals! The formation and existence of a band like Contamination is deadly important these days, as I want to remember once again: It's not about "re-inventing" the wheel... but rather keeping it going on! Against all stupid wise-wizzards words like "Black Metal has to evolve" etc, I'd rather see its old and eerie glory reigning again in its traditional form... and so is Contamination! The fierce and atmospheric sound in combination with the rawness will open the gates back to the frozen paths of damnation again... highly recommended for all radical and traditional souls, who were not blinded by nowadays illusions of a weak-minded, false-values following crowd of sheeps!

Official CD-Version by Terror Execution Prod.

***China Import***


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