Violent Definition - Life Sentence LP

Violent Definition - Life Sentence LP

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Ripping Oldschool Thrash Metal from the greek pits!
(A strong Razor-influence is undeniable here, no "retro hyper thrash bullshit"!!!!)
Although I'm not that much into newer Thrash Metal bands anymore, I still have to admit that Violent Definition got something unique and very powerfull and still aggressive within their songs! It's not jut the boring hyper-speed shit, these tracks have variety and built up a similar tension and energy as RAZOR (Shotgun Justice) did back then, killer stuff!!!
(Feat. members of Mentally Defiled, The Crucifier, Ectoplasma, Embrace of Thorns...!)

Official LP-Version by Floga Recs. (black waxxx)

***Greece Import***


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