R'Lyeh - Ritual of Darkness Tape

R'Lyeh - Ritual of Darkness Tape

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The mexican Death Metal Masters "R'Lyeh" have finally finished their second album and so to say this is almost a historical moment, as R'Lyeh already started in 1991 and were a strong part of the mexican death metal evolution and history. In contrary to actually all other Death Metal bands from the past who'd release a new album which I'd normally would never give a fukk about, R'Lyeh still carries the old spirit within (see the interview in Bestial Desecration #1) and haven't changed anything within their attitude and ideas at all... pure dedication for the only thing that's real!

After the first full-length "In the infernal Moment" (2013), which already manifested their dark and evil sound of madness in the most traditional-sense (no trendy reverb-overkill bullshit), things just got even more obscure on their second full-length "Ritual of Darkness"! The Lovecraft influence doesn't only relate to the (great) cover-artwork, but also to their madness-driven creation of darkness upon this new opus of evil Death Metal!

Official Tape-Version by Destruktion Recs.
Limited to 200 copies, only! (hand-numbered) Comes incl. Lyric-sheet!!!

The first few Tapes will incl. a metallic sticker, which I've made exclusively for this release...


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