Attomica - Back And Alive/Blast Of Video CD/DVD

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"Back and Alive" marks the hellish sound of the brazilian slaughter ATTOMICA!!!
This Live-Album was recorded at their Comeback-Show in 2004! As special bonus, this CD Re-Issue comes with lots of surprises:

-with Obi
-Video-clip of "Dying Smashed"

-"DEATHRAISER" Video-clip!!!!!!!!
-Two live-shows (each approx 30min) from 1992
-Really "Home" video" (running-time approx 1 hour)

You'll get the ultimate delievery with this package by THRASHING MADNESS PROD. and those who already got some of his releases in your collection will know what quality-standard I'm talking about here... HIGHEST SHIT POSSIBLE! TOTAL SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Official Re-Issue by Thrashing Madness Prod.

***Poland Import***


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