Effroi - Cryptic Prophecies Tape

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Real Underground Black Metal!!! Another great horde from the belgian black metal legions! Effroi has been recommended to me by M.P.R. and without even knowing anything about this band, I simply trust in his word and finally, I wasn't disappointed at all!!! Effroi is another great example of a strong traditional spirit, which stands against all the modern-trendies. The sound of Effroi is the essence of real Black Metal! Following the sinister path of early Gorgoroth, Judas Iscariot and Deathspell Omega... support!!!

Alongside with Crypts of Wallachia, Heinous, Phlegethon's Majesty, Moenen of Xexbeth or the mighty Forbidden Temple, the belgian hordes are the chosen ones, to keep the old traditions alive within this age of madness and hypocrisy.

Official Tape-Version by Medieval Prophecy Recs.

***Belgium Import***


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