Bestial Desecration Fanzine - #4


Bestial Desecration Fanzine - #4

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Finally the fourth issue of Bestial Desecration Zine is ready and contains eleven interviews with new and old veterans of the international true underground legions:

-Hellavenger (Chile)
-Avzhia (Mexico)
-Children of Technology (Italy)
-Nocturnal Witch (Germany)
-Evil Army (US)
-Abigail (Japan)
-Lucifera (Colombia)
-Perditism (China)
-Apokalyptic Raids (Brazil)
-Eternal (Mexico)
-Comatose (Philippines)

Also this time it contains a very few (but therefore more detailed) selected reviews, some special zine-promo articles and two posters of "Hell Desecrator" & "Indian Nightmare"!!!

As a special bonus, this issue contains an additional guide-zine written by Dr. Stahl with 10 representives of the bulgarian Hard Rock/Metal-Scene from the past! 50 copies are available with a compilation-tape, all others have to hunt for the original LPs or search for the tracks elsewhere... The zine is limited to 300 copies in total!!!

Support the Underground and never stop the real madness!!! ONLY PRINTED IS REAL!!!!!!!!

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