Beyond the Gates - Fanzine #1 (Free)

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The first issue of "BEYOND THE GATES" Fanzine by the "Metal Resistance HMC" from Italy - a free fanzine by dedicated maniacs!!! Completely written in english, made in nice cut'n'paste style, the first issue contains different interviews with:

-Orphan Devil
-Road Warrior
-Battle Ram
-TIR (!!!!!!!!!!)
-...and also contains some other specials like classic 80s metal movie recommendations (the essentials you should have watched) and some less known ones!!!

All in all it's a killer first edition and straight sign, that the italian maniacs are still hungry for more!!! It's a zine like "Beyond the Gates", which represents a true underground scene's spirit and devotion! All Hail the Metal Resistance HMC, a real Fanclub who takes action to keep things going, instead of just sitting around and drinking beer... Total Respect and Support!!!

***Italy Import***


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