Bunker66/Vuil - 7" Split EP

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Bunker66 is back again and delievers directly 2(!!!) split EPs with 2 different bands... one of these splits is the "METAL SACRIFICE" EP with their partners in crime "VUIL" from the UK!

Bunker66 strikes as usual straight into your fukkin face with their heavy sound (the killer groove and also the strong Hellhammer-like atmosphere in union with the great great great solos is simply OUTSTANDING!!!) and delievers two new tracks! On the other side you'll get VUIL and you'll be happily satisfied by the different sound already! Nowadays most bands have all the same sound - fortunately this split is a great example of how to do it right!! Vuil takes up the speed on this record and adds a killer hard egded rock'n'roll vibe with speed metal madness!!! Although the cover-artwork of this Split looks a bit "empty", don't be fooled by it! Bunker66 & Vuil are sings of REAL quality, attitude and spirit!!! I've rarely felt so much energy within a 7" Split again these days... a great release on black waxxx by Ripping Storm Recs.!!!

Total Support!!!

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