Silberbach - Seance Obscure Tape

Silberbach - Seance Obscure Tape

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The german black metal legion "Silberbach" has finally unleashed their newest masterpiece "Seance Obscure", which I definitely count as one of the best germany black metal albums of the last 5 years, along with Reign in Bloods "Missa Pro Defunctis"!!! (Those who know, will understand the connection). Athanassius screams became even more fierce than ever and the new hymns are guided with a new flame of pure hatred and wrath. In total the album contains a lot of surprising moment as each creation tells its own story. The battle ain't over yet and great hordes like Silberbach, Illum Adora or Reign in Blood marked again, who the leading forces of the german underground truely are! Support or Fukk Off!!!!!

Official Tape-Release by Narbentage Prod., comes incl. printed tow-bag.

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