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The legendary Death Metal Beast "MASACRE" doesn't need any further introduction... after (now more than) 30 years of madness, the two demos "Colombia... Imperio del Terror" (1989) and "Cancer de Nuestros Dias" (1990) have finally been re-released in a special 2MC-Set to celebrate this special anniversary and to make it something more than just an "average" re-edition or "copy", a few extras have been added...

There are two different editions available, Regular (lim. to 150) & Die Hard (lim. to 50)!

-The two Demo-Cassettes with "blood-signed" cases and 4-/5-Panel J-Card Covers
-A woven patch (silver metallic threads, some with black - a few with red borders)
-Full colour-sticker with an exclusive artwork by Alex Okendo
-Some personal words of Alex Okendo regarding the recording-sessions of the demos, printed inside the Box
-An insert-sheet with another exlusive artwork by Alex and some personal words from Destruktion Recs.
-All hosted in a glossy handcrafted O-Cardsleeve with additional cover-flap and bandarole!!!

The Production of this set was one of the hardest, due to a lack of money, time and especially the fact that the majority of the box parts (the box itself, the metallic stickers, bandaroles, tape-stickers etc...) were cut and handcrafted by myself. But finally it was all worth it, for the one and only true MASACRE!!!

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