Corpsehammer - Metal de la Muerte LP

Corpsehammer - Metal de la Muerte LP

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Metal de la Muerte, putos!!!!!! I don't even know where to start... the great cover-artwork? the insane gospels of REAL black thrash damnation? The killer band-name "Corpsehammer"?!?!?! Fukk, this album is definitely one of the best these days for 3 simple but straight reasons:

1.) Great songwriting with great variations - which means, NO boring one-riff and one beat-overkill + powerfull vocals! No time to rest on this album... pure neckbreakers of the traditional artform!!!

2.) A solid and tight sound, no reverb-fukkery, no echoes of death on the chants...and a great, hand-painted, guts-ripping artwork!!!

3.) Pressed by no other than Bloody Productions, who knows his shit! Nice and thin cardboard-covers, normal vinyl weight, pressed on black fukkin waxxx!!!

Corpsehammer just reached another fukkin level and dimension of bestial madness! The lethal combination of chilean and swedish blood created this unique bastard of the true CORPSEHAMMER! Straight, strong and satanic till death, this record literally kills all the so overhyped trend-shit of the last few years! Personally I haven't bought that many new Underground LPs anymore the last years (as some might noticed through my distro as well, not that many new additions) but "Metal de la Muerte" hammered the nails once again through my flesh and through all the ones as well, who dare to put a hand on a copy of this masterpiece! THIS IS REAL UNDERGROUND METAL AS FUKK!!!

Pressed on black vinyl by Bloody Productions (Spain)

***Spain Import***


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