Shaxul - Hate and Disgust Tape

Shaxul - Hate and Disgust Tape

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The rude pictavian warmaster 'SHAXUL' strikes again with his new band, which simply carries his name and is definitely something very different from Manzer or all the other stuff he did before... Rude and evil as always, Shaxul's Shaxul has a more punk-influenced sound with more melodic parts, a stronger hard-edgeded Rock'n'Roll-touch (and several goat-and ISDN sounds) and is all in all kind of difficult to explain. To be honest, this album actually caught my attention because of its one-of-a-kind cover artwork of a fukkin vomiting cat!!!!!!!!! The title is programm... those who dare and also loved the vocals of Shaxul with Manzer (I totally do), should check out this project!!!

Official Tape-Version by Serpent Eve Recs.


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