Decayed - The Oath of Heathen Blood Tape

Decayed - The Oath of Heathen Blood Tape

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There are certain bands that still deliever it and raise their own standards once again higher even after 30 years... gifted with absolute power since its formation, the mighty horde DECAYED demonstrates the true power of the burning abyss and slays down all the false weaklings who feel so safe behind their towel-faced "outfits" (which can't resist sunlight?!) and weird two-letter names with their new masterpiece "The Oath of Heathen Blood"!!! This is the result of radical loyalty towards the own attitude and the unholy black spirit of the Underground!

Ten new tracks to burn your false god! Aggressive, bestial and partly even atmospheric! The album catches the old aura of the golden days and combined it with the savage raw energy of the true underground forces! "The Oath of Heathen Blood" is one of these albums, which I've literally been waiting for to be released within this swampy-sea of bullshit releases of our modern times! Hail and Support the true Decayed - or dig your own grave and be covered in mountains of shit!!!!

Official Tape-Version by Serpent Eve Recs. (Support!)

***Bulgaria Import***


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