Ultra Damaged Fanzine - Anthology 1985/2017 (book)

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Another Zine-Anthology just got published from CULT NEVER DIES, this time it's the old "DAMAGE INC. ZINE" by Maniac (Ex-Mayhem), which he started in 1985!!! Unlike most other zines of that time (and from that era) which were written by fans of the old extreme metal-scene, Maniac also focused on several other bands like Metallica, Cryptic Slaughter and Sepultura!

Bounded into an A4 Softcover book, this anthology contains all published issues of his zine from 85 till the comeback issue in 2017, which means original interviews (and many great pics) of its time with:

-Cryptic Slaughter
-Clandestine Blaze
-Syphilitic Vaginas
and more... + lots of biographies, old flyers and stuff... this shit will take you back in time and re-awakes this special old feeling within your blood!!!

Completely written in english!

***UK Import***

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