Magnus - Scarlet Slaughterer LP

Magnus - Scarlet Slaughterer LP

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Destruktion Records proudly presents:

The mighty debut-album "SCARLET SLAUGHTERER" by the polish Deathrash Legend 'MAGNUS' from 1989!!!
A classic masterpiece and true lesson of east-european violence, power and agression! Magnus were without a doubt on top of the leading-front within the east-european metal scene, together with polish killer hordes like Imperator, Scarecrow, Vader, Betrayer, Mortify, Gladiator etc... while Magnus always remained the most savage one (especially due to Rob Bandits extreme vocals). Now more than 30 years after its original release on tape back then, this killer album got re-released on vinyl again with the ORIGINAL FIRST ARTWORK (for the first time ever on vinyl) and also contains several specials. Regular & Die Hard-Editions are available, both pressed on standard black waxxx, only!!! (NO SHITTY 180g fukk, NO GATEFOLD bla bla, NO money-sucking "double vinyl", NO coloured-vinyl overkill!!! Keeping it traditional and fair-priced, as the true maniacs stand out due to their dedication and spirit - and not by their wallet!!!)

-Limited to 350 copies (hand-numbered)
-Black Vinyl with blue OBI
-A2 Poster with the original first artwork

Die Hard-Edition:
-Limited to 150 copies (hand-numbered)
-Black Vinyl with red OBI
-A2 Poster with the original first artwork
-A3 Poster with the second artwork from the CD-Version
-Logo Sticker
-A4 Fanzine (32 pages) containing a very personal Interview with Rob Bandit about the early days and formation of Magnus, life under a communist-regime, personal things and more (1987-1989) + lyric-pages and many rare photos from Rob's private archives!!!* (this interview was done piece-by-piece via email through almost half a year...therefore the content became very personal, intense and detailed and grants a straight insight into the bands life, attitude and exeperiences through the years. This part focuses mainly on the formation and "becoming" of Magnus in all aspects...)

The work on this LP and the collaboration with Rob Bandit on the interview were a very special experience and thus the personal compulsion to try making this LP re-issue a truely special one was very high (more than half of a year of work and concept-preparation have been invested into it)! Special thanks to my loyal brother Rodrigo (El Abismo Recs.) for bringing up the contact and contract with the band, as he will also release the official Cassette-Edition with the original first artwork, too!!! True Tape-Maniacs and Deathrashers shouldn't miss it!!!

*Part 2 of the interview (1990-Present) will be published as a special issue of Bestial Desecration later on this year...

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