Feed the Beast Fanzine - #2

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Second strike of the german underground metal fanzine "FEED THE BEAST"! As already presented in issue #1, this zine doesn't waste any time nor space, which means: Only (long in-depth) inteviews - No Reviews!!!! This time Master Ipp invited the following hordes to his new masterpiece:

-Imha Tarikat
-Ultra Silvam
-Mirror of Deception
-Ars Alchymiae

The zine itself was kept in a very "conservative" style, which means only black and white, written and made on a high-class level, which already became an unique trademark since F.T.B.s first issue! Less "typical" what you expect from a metal zine itself, but rather unique and focusing on a high quality content between the lines! This is one of the new zines, which were made with real dedication - the classic appearence inside has a very honest aura and so are the interviews itself as well: straight-into-the-heart-of-man! Support!!!

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