Bardo Methodology Fanzine - #6

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Alright, here is it!!! The sixth issue of the mighty Bardo Methodology Zine!!!
No reviews - No Adverts... just fukkin input for your damn brain (at least for those, who are still able to read)...

The high quality aspects, which made this zine truely an outstanding one by its noble layout and especially very-in-depth-and-philosophical-interviews, have been kept alive and continued through this new issue! This being said (and remembered please), check carefully the chosen ones, who got invited for this issue (no boring and random standard questions, ok?!):

-Deathspell Omega
-Michael Denner (ex-Mercyful Fate, King Diamond)
-Necros Christos
-Funeral Mist
-Dead Can Dance
-Sunn O)))
-Dave Haley
-Wim Hof

Anymore questions?... read and learn!

The diversity of each fanzine these days is incredible and the Bardo Methodology is truely one of the few, which can be entitled as "higher sermon"!!!

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