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This is more of a special issue of the "Bardo Methodology Zine", containing several interviews which never got published in printed-form before (thus, very interesting for people like me, who hate to read "online articles")... here's your chance to read some outstanding conversations in the typical B.M.-high-quality style with:

-Irkallian Oracle
-Clandestine Blaze
-Ride for Revenge
-Deathspell Omega

As you can clearly see, these are some of the leading forces of real extremism and truely interviews, you'd never see (in quality and chosen artists) in any of these shitty major-magazines and "pretending-to-be" so Underground Mags of today, which you can find in every shitty supermarket these days... you know what I'm talking about!!! Hail the trune Fanzine Underground and a big Fukk Off to all pretending posers... try to reach the level of B.M. first, and then we'll see further...

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