Moenen of Xezbeth/Obrok 7" Split EP

Moenen of Xezbeth/Obrok 7" Split EP

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The belgian Black Metal Traditionalists "Moenen of Xezbeth" have collaborated with the mighty Medieval Prophecy Recs. once again, to release one hell of a killer split again! This time with the bulgarian black metal tyrants from bulgaria: Obrok!

Each band delievers one new track, carrying its own characterism (MoX: atmospheric, dark and mystic, hailing the old glorious spirit and traditions of a forgotten past - Obrok: East-Bloc Black Metal Mysticism in its purest essence, with a slight doom-influence, which is rather hypnotic than boring, so don't get a wrong impression of the word!) All in all can be said, that both bands deliever unique tracks for an unique split together, which stands high above all average boredom and hyped trends! Tradition above all!!!

Official EP-Release by the one and only M.P.R.! No fancy cardboard covers, no colours, no coloured 180g vinyl... a true underground release which shines by its aura, not it's "high end production"!!! Simple folding-sheet cover and black waxxx only! Simple... but traditional and that's the REAL thing!!! Back to the roots, back to the glorious times!

***Belgium Import***

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