Typhon - Life Eternal 7" EP (clear vinyl, lim. 50 copies!!!)

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A rare gem of south american black metal history! Typhon should be known to the chosen ones, lead by the master Bull Metal (Ex-Masacre, Warmaster Recs., Lobos circle)... this EP contains the black hymn "Life Eternal" (taken from the "Unholy Trinity" Album) and a rare cover-track of "Freezing Moon" (Mayhem) which was only available for the Lobos-Circle members so far... this EP got pressed on clear vinyl (with a very good sound-production of the vinyl itself) and is limited to 50 copies only and got released by the obscure label "Tributte Recs."!!!

The price is expensive for a 7", but remember that's the fairest price I can offer. Be advised, that this 7" is also limited to 50 copies, only... (I bought my own copy a while ago for much more money!!!) It's also not my intention to present this 7" to everyone, so I recommend this one only for real Typhon Die Hard-Maniacs!!!



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