Nachzehrer Fanzine - #3

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The third issue of the "Nachzehrer Fanzine" has finally been finished!
Traditional Underground Black Metal Fanzine without any trendy shit or the use of "high end complicated writing styles"... straight and honest as it should be done!

Once again it took a while longer than expected to get the new issue of this little zine done, but therefore all interviews got answered quite detailed and for some I've even received a few unpublished photos as well! This time completely pro-printed on 40 black/white pages incl. A3-Poster (Avzhia/Desaster), featuring interviews with:

-Warmoon Lord
-Puerto Rico Scene-Report: Interview with Lord Asaradel of Godless/Vampiric Dominium
-Also selected reviews, label and zine-promos, biographies...

Limited to 100 copies, only. Support the Underground and never stop the real madness! Only printed is real!!!

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