Vomitor - Roar of War LP + 7"EP

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Death Metal or die you fukk!!!!

Get the ultimate demo collection incl. unreleased material of the mighty VOMITOR on black waxxx incl. 7"!!! Even though I'm not a super big fan of Demos on LP (but well, on CD would be even worse...), this package here was made with lots of raw energy and spirit as you can see on all the material which is included:

16 + 3 Tracks (on an extra 7" EP) + Booklet with lots of old photos!
(Neutron Hammer, Beast of Sodom, Midnight Madness, Pain of Death, Hunter for Blood...)

Tracks A1 to A4 were previously released as the Vomitor “Roar of War” demo cassette.
Tracks A5 to A9 are the Vulgar “Hellburst to Fight” demo cassette, recorded in 1993 and never officially released.
Tracks B1 to B6 are from a previously unreleased Vomitor demo session, recorded “probably 2000 sometime".
Track B7 is from a previously unreleased recording session by Mephistopheles, recorded in 1991.
Tracks C to D2 (the 7") were recorded at Station 13, Brisbane, Australia 10/5/02 and 17/5/02, intended for release as a 7″ and unreleased until now.

Pressed on black waxxx by Iron Bonehead Prod.!

Support or Rot!!!!

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