Impurity - Necro Infamists of Tumulus Return LP (Gatefold)

Impurity - Necro Infamists of Tumulus Return LP (Gatefold)

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active since 1988, the blasphemic force of Impurity has evolved to a living legend within the underground these days! Now, their 2006 album "Necro Infamists..." has been finally re-released on LP as gatefold-edition by Iron Bonehead Prod., to keep the legacy of this album alive! Raw, filthy south american black metal madness straight from the tombs!!! To the ones who criticized this album: Don't you even dare to publish your damn opinions about something, you don't know anything about!!! This album keeps the old raw spirit and bestial forces of traditional extreme metal in honor! Uncompromising, radical madness from the southern legions!!!! Ten black hymns of blasphemy incl. intro & outro!

Black waxxx only here, comes as a nice gatefold-version by Iron Bonehead Prod.!!!


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