Armagh - Cold Wrath of Mother Earth CD

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The polish underground killer 'Armagh' has finally unleashed its first full-length and this album became a real surprise! Besides of the highly expected high-speed killers, Armagh truely evolved up to another level without losing its roots... this is how real 'band evolution' goes, you cunts!!! The new songs are heavy, brutal, aggressive, melodic... especially the great melodies and trad.-heavy metal riffs between the black(-thrashing) crossfire assaults and blasphemic chants make this band and album a real outstanding record, a proud piece of real underground metal! Authentic and absolutely killer as fukk!!!!!!!!! No repeating 'one-riff' boredom, no 'Nifelheim-Rip Off Clones'... the polish legions just proved their strength and iron will once again and this record cracks easily everything of the so overhyped bullshit 'black thrash' and trendy "fake underground" bands of today!!! Blast your rusty ears with the flames of eastern wrath!!!

Official CD-Version by 'First Wave Only' - a fukkin killer UG Label from Poland!!!! Support!!!!

***Poland Import***


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