V.A. - The Extremity of Dominion CD (Bestiality, Gallower, Necrömanzer, Torpor)

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This is the split, I've been waiting for since forever!!! Four of the strongest polish underground bands united on one killer release!!! This split-CD contains two (live-) tracks of:

-NECRÖMANZER (Black/Speed)
-TORPOR (Black Metal)
-GALLOWER (Black/Thrash)
-BESTIALITY (Black Metal)

This beast is the ultimate contra-answer from the east-bloc against all the whimpy and watered trendy cocksuckers of the nowadays metal-scene!!! Raise the hordes from the Abyss... Even though Bestiality unfortunately split up already, this split-CD should be taken as an introduction (for those, who are not familiar with the polish hordes) into one of the best and most extreme underground-scenes of today!!! Support or Die in Fire!!!

Official CD-Release by 'First Wave Only'!!!

***Poland Import***


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