Vader - Dark Age LP (Gatefold)

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No more words needed... you know, what to expect from the master of polish death metal!!!

"This is the recreation of Vader's debut "The Ultimate Incantation" specially prepared for the 25th anniversary of the album."

Even though I'm not a fan of re-recordings (not at all!!!), I have to admit that this work here was done very well!!! A good solid sound (which is not drifting apart into too modern bullshit as many others did before) and the same old aggression of the first day!!! Vader is Vader... true Death Metal as fukk (and these brutally damn fast spoken lyrics... argghhh!) !!! This excellent 25th anniversary version comes in a noble gatefold-cover (glossy!!!) and contains all the lyrics inside, killer! Official LP-release (pressed on green vinyl) by Witching Hour Prod.!

Show some support to those, who have remained loyal!!! Hail VADER!!!!!!

***Poland Import***


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