Desaster - Divine Blasphemies LP (Gatefold)

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It's been about damn time... finally, the mighty Iron Pegasus has re-released the "Divine Blasphemies" album on black vinyl again, in a special noble gatefold with all lyrics!!! This album marked another important chapter of Desaster, since it was the first album with the (back then) new vocalist 'Sataniac' (ex-Divine Genocide). Divine Blasphemies carried a stronger 'death/thrash'-influence within and became a very aggressive piece of real underground metal - different to the 'Okkulto'-albums, but still DESASTER!!!

This LP-Version even contains a cover version of the song 'Necrolord' by Divine Genocide!!!

Official LP (Gatefold) Version by Iron Pegasus Recs., pressed on black waxxx!!!!


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