Black Torture - Blasphemous Ritual 7"EP

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Raw black/death chaos from the very depths of singapore!!!!!!!!!!
Black Torture demonstrates once again the real strength and the 'step over the limits of insanity' of extreme underground metal in it's most traditional form!!! Radical as fukk!!!!!!!

Highly recommended for fans of Deiphago, Impiety and the mighty Zygoatsis!

This killer 7" compilation holds bestial hymns from their entire discography - released on 7" vinyl (black waxxx only) through ZOMBI DANZ and comes incl. mini-poster! An important positive fact is also the production itself! No expensive high-end cardboard bullshit... going straight back to the essentials with a folded cover and poster! Raw war-tunes - raw production, that's the way it has to be done!!!!!!

***Belgium Import***


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