Magnus - Scarlet Slaughterer Tape

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***2nd edition on red cassettes!!!*** (lim. to 100 copies) - El Abismo Recs.

The official Tape-Version for the death/thrash masterpiece of the polish cult-commando "MAGNUS" from 1989!!!
Official Tape-Release by "El Abismo Recs." (Chile). Limited to 100 copies, only! Thanks to Rob Bandit, there's even an official promo-clip for the track "Rabies" available now... those who still doubt about the insanity and quality of this band: watch it... fall on your knees... and hail them!!!

Important note: As I have very limited copies in stock (the tape is limited to 100 copies - I have only 5 available), I'd like to ask all the maniacs who already bought the LP, to leave the tape-version for all those who prefer listening to tapes or were not able to afford the lp-version... FUKK OFF "COLLECTORS"!!!!



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