Witchunter - Back on the Hunt LP

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Time flies... risen with a great wave of killer bands from Italy during the first decade of the new millenium, many have gone or got lost in new trends... but Witchunter has remained!!! To my surprise even stronger than expected! I've never been a fan of their artworks to be honest and when I saw the promo-pic with that naked chic, something that many bands suddenly did in that time (for what?!), I've lost my interest in that band for quite a while till Blasphemous Arts Prod. offered some copies... and as mentioned before, ignoring the cover and shitty back-cover photo, even I had to confess: Witchunter have kept their spirit and created a really tough record here!!!!

Tight and powerfull heavy/speed metal hymns with a nice balance of melodies and a certain tranquility within (no hectic shredding overkills) will make you go nuts!!! Also the great diversity within each song, the great vocals and the solos, that capture a very own atmosphere are absolutely mandatory to be mentioned! Finally: a great record indeed!!!

Pressed on black waxxx incl. Poster & Insert by Blasphemous Art Prod.

***Italy Import***


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