Apostasy - The Sign of Darkness LP

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It happens quite rarely (or actually never to be honest!) that any 80s Thrash band still delievers a brutal new album during these days... but if there's something I've learned, then it's the fact, that south american blood burns stronger than others!!! The chilean masters of 'APOSTASY' (active since 1988) have finally released their second full-length in 2018 (the debut got released in 1991) and it's absolutely impressive, what Apostasy delievers here!!! Fierce, dark and satanic oldschool thrash metal with a traditional (underground) sound-recording (evil vocal attacks, killer)!!! No modern plastic sound like everyone else does these days... this is the real deal! And also one of the very few albums of an 80s thrash band, that deserved it to be pressed on vinyl for two reasons: Apostasy never whimped out and kept their attitude - and they are still part of the Underground, the one who kept the vinyl-cult alive when all others turned their eyes towards MP-3 Downloads and horrible merchandise... Eternal Respect and Support for APOSTASY! Hail the south american metal flame!!!

Official LP-Release by Fallen Temple Recs!!! Transparent Orange Waxxx with killer artwork, incl. Lyric-sheet and nice layout! Support!!!

***Poland Import***


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