Terrifiant - Demo 7" EP


Terrifiant - Demo 7" EP

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A strong new Heavy-Speeder has risen from the (stronger than ever) belgian underground-scene under the name of "Terrifiant" and believe it or not, these guys are no strangers... (members of Possession, Maleficence, Saqra's Cult, Effroi etc are at hand!). Different but nevertheless extremely powerful are the right words for this first magnificent demo, which delievers two real hymns of traditional Heavy/Speed Metal without getting lost in endless boring high speed-challenges... clever rhythm-changes, veeery powerful vocals and majestic solos (and outstanding lead-guitar work as well) are just a few of the conquering points on this 2-track Demo!!!

While writing that, I have to confess that I've actually lost quite a lot of my interest in nowadays Heavy/Speed Metal Bands as they all sound the same and don't hit the "let's-cross-our-own-100%-line" feeling anymore... but TERRIFIANT is definitely an exception and outstanding new band, which I do highly recommand to every headbanger out there!!! This is the real shit you need! (Fukk off Enforcer etc... anyway there's only one real Enforcer and they hail from Chile!! Don't forget that!!!)

Official 7" EP (black waxxx), pressed by Messe Noir Prod.

***France Import***


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