Vargrav - Reign in Supreme Darkness LP (Gatefold/blue vinyl)

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What has been created in absolute perfection with the very first release "Netherstorm", just got continued at the same level with even more power and mysticism! The master V-Khaoz striked once again and delievered a new masterpiece of eight majestic hymns, which connect perfectly with his former release!!! No shitty or cheesy parts, no strange vocal-experiments, no trendy fukk... Vargrav hails the old traditions - creates by the old spirits - destroys the pillars of false messiahs!!! Highly recommended for fans of Emperor, early Dimmu Borgir, Evilfeast...

Comes as noble Gatefold-Cover (glossy printed) with all lyrics inside. Pressed on blue-transparent vinyl!!!

***Finland Import***


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