Vargrav - Netherstorm LP + 7" EP (both purple vinyl)

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Leader of the northern legions... alongside with Satanic Warmaster and the new Warmoon Lord, one of the very few real Black Metal legions of these days! Atmospheric, sinister and evil,... holding the balance between diabolical darkness and cold atmospheric parts, Vargrav marches upon the frozen paths of early Emperor, very old Dimmu Borgir, Evilfeast etc... highly recommended!!!

Pressed on blue purple waxxx and incl. a special 7" (with cover and extra inlay, yes!) which got also pressed on purple waxxx... contains one more black hymn and a great Emperor cover of "Ancient Queen"!

ps: it's already worth to buy it just for the track "Limbo of abysmal void" alone... pure majesty!!!
(sorry for the high price,... trust me, I've paid way more for my own copy back then!)

***Finland Import***



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