The Gathering - Downfall/The Early Years 3LP (Trifold cover)

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Back to the early days, when "The Gatherhing" was still a killer horde!!!
This Triple-LP Set takes you back to the Demo-days of mystical (melodic) Death/Doom:

LP 1 contains tracks from the "The 1992 Promo Demo" + tracks of the unreleased 7" EP from 1991

LP 2 contains tracks from the "An Imaginary Symphony" Demo l + "Moonlight Archer Demo ll"

LP 3 contains tracks from the "Moonlight Archer Demo ll" with an unreleased Celtic Frost Cover + 4 live tracks (one was even recorded in fukkin Tel Aviv, Israel!!!!!!!)

All LPs are pressed on black waxxx, hosted in a very noble Trifold cover with all lyrics inside! In total, this is truely a very nice release (also the cover got printed with a special glossy protection like the old LP-covers of the glorious days!) - highly recommended!!! Thanks to FLOGA RECs.!!!

***Greece Import***



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