Tyrani Piekieł - Tyrants of Hell Vol. 1 Tape

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Destruktion Records proudly presents: "Tyrani Piekieł (Tyrants of Hell) - Vol. 1 Tape"!!!

Pure Underground Compilation-Tape to support the radical extreme metal underground-scene of Poland!
14 different bands (Blackened Thrash, Deathrash, Black & Death Metal) have sealed the pact and got featured on this project. This time released as a pure DIY-Tape (on high quality cassettes) incl. a 4-page insert (band contacts, photos etc.)... some copies will also include a logo-badge of one of the featured bands as gift!

Featured Bands on this compilation:
01. Moloch Letalis
02. Gallower (new track of the new album "Behold the Realm of Darkness")
03. Bestiality
04. Necrömanzer (exclusive new track of the upcoming album)
05. Devilpriest
06. Armagh (new track of the new album "Cold Wrath of Mother Earth")
07. Black Hosts
08. Fukkin' Vengeance
09. Raging Death
10. Torpor
11. Abuser
12. Hellcurse
13. Butchery
14. Magog

Support the Underground!!!


The reason behind the idea of a DIY-Tape release this time was the actual fact, that the postal-routes to many countries (especially south america) are still blocked... and as this tape was made to promote the killer underground hordes of Poland on a worldwide level, I've decided to continue with it as a DIY-tape release, which means that several distros worldwide will distribute their own made copies for their territories! Save on expensive shipping-costs and support your local dealers!!!

Here's a list of the friended distros, who will distribute some copies as well:

- Sign of Evil Records (Poland)
- Goat Vomits Prod. (Bolivia)
- El Abismo Distro (Chile)
- Aniquilacion Satanica Prod. (Ecuador)
- Terozin Zine/Distro (Bulgaria)
- Total Darkness Propaganda (Hungary)
- Hunug Records (Hungary)
- Ancient Spirit Terror (Germany)
- Dynamite Distro (Germany)
- Life Eternal Prod. (Germany)
- Tenebrous Aberrations (US)
- Gates of Hell Records (Italy)
- Hellforced Records (Malaysia)
- Basement Records (Malaysia)
- Awakening Records (China)

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