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Arghh that's one hell of an album, which I haven't expected to become like that!!!
After two great demos and the single "Funeral in Vain", Gallower have quickly evolved within the few years of existence to even higher levels!!! "Behold the Realm of Darkness" is a great and solid black-thrash album with a lethal portion of ripping speed and fukkin killer rhythms (especially the great combination of these hunting-riffs, vocal melodies and the very diversified drumming(!)) which won't let you down for any second! It's always full force on this record, no compromises, no regrets... this is one of these albums, which left me speechless as this is their first full-length ok?! Also the sound is holding perfectly the balance and gave Gallower their very own 'sound', which fits perfectly with their high energetic witchunting hymns!!! That's the shit I was talking about!!!! THIS is real Black Thrash!!!!

Highly recommended for fans of Hellavenger, Witching Hour, etc but finally I have to say, Gallower is Gallower!!! They have their own sound and style - a remarkable trademark of nowadays underground hordes from Poland, who just delievers one killer band after another lately and GALLOWER is definitely one of the very high ones!!! Real Underground Music by real Underground Maniacs!!!

Official CD-Version, released by the band incl. huge Button!!!!

***Poland Import***


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