Metalegion Magazine - #5


Metalegion Magazine - #5

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Next to Oldschool Metal Maniac zine, the only Metal Mag which covers up oldschool and underground bands at once in a very nice content, layout and and way! Interviews are done in a very intelligent, conceptual way (without becoming boring) and same as the zine itself, they shouldn't be underestimated!!! Interviews:

-Nocturnus A.D.
-and many many more...

Comes incl. CD and same as every issue of course with a double-sided poster!!! (Slayer/Watain)

This zine takes away your stupid excuses now to "buy shitty major mags because you won't find any info about Possessed etc in other smaller zines"... bullshit! Here you go, what's the problem?! Also once again, check up for Oldschool Metal Maniac!!! Both are perfect and way better metal zines than all your average major-shit zines can ever be!!!

***Portugal Import***

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