Metalegion Magazine - #6


Metalegion Magazine - #6

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Yes the ultimate Metal Magazine from Portugal strikes once again!!! This one is highly recommended for all those, who'd like to read some news and interviews with more popular bands, who nevertheless are still considered as real metal (which means, NO fukkin Nightwish, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy or Sabaton bullshit and other simply wrong poser kaka here!)... (intelligent done) interviews were made with:

-My Dying Bride
-Hammerheart Recs (Label Report)
-Blaze of Perdition
-and many many others... all on 92 nicely layouted pages, incl. CD!!!

Though being considered (at least layout and content-like) a bigger metal magazine, the writing and reviewing styles (same as the concept in total) are very outstanding and unique, which means that Ricardo and crew do not only scratch the surface of a band in order to get the right to put up their logos on the cover... in contrary they use a very nice concept to work up on their interviews which makes everything more interesting for the reader and for the interviewed bands as well!!! Support!!!

***Portugal Import***

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