Pentagram Chile - The Demos LP (Read description! - white Vinyl)


Pentagram Chile - The Demos LP (Read description! - white Vinyl)

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The mighty horde from the southern abyss, which needs no further introduction! Hail them or die in fire!!!
The copies got directly ordered from the band (Anton) to support them directly during these difficult-days!

This special LP contains both Demos from 1987 (especially mastered for vinyl, so there's no fukked and washed up sound crap!). As it's the second press of the LP, it contains a nice insert-sheet with old pics and stuff and got pressed on whity vinyl! (Limited to 300 copies)

Unfortunately due to bad packaging, all LP-Covers have a very slight hit on 3 of 4 corners (nothing big, just a small hit), which became also the reason why I'm selling them for such a special price here! But as I deny to sell MUSIC to "COLLECTORS" anyway, I guess it doesn't matter that much anyway... the LP is in perfect condition and the infernal tracks still fukkin slay as they did during their days of creation!!! Fukk off Collectors... Metal for Maniacs, pure!!!

***Spain Import***

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