Tough Riffs Fanzine - Re-issue #3

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The Boss is back and heads directly towards to the early days again!!!

Thanks to Schattenmann Publishings, the #3 issue of the best Death Metal Underground Fanzine has been resurrected to keep the words of putrid wisdom and death alive! But instead of a boring "re-print", this issue contains some nice surprises in forms of changes: New layouts here and there, some interviews got updated (killer!) and there are also fresh reviews inside!!!

Interviews were done with:

-Malevolent Creation
-Disharmonic Orchestra
-Immortal Suffering
-Holy Terror
-Rotten Sound
-Morpheus Descends
-Criminal Element
-Blessed Sickness...

as you can see, once again the ultimate package of oldschool and present underground death/grind maniacs!!!
With a kille zine like this, I will never understand why there are still people claiming to be so much into "death metal" but still prefer reading the same old bullshit "big" magazines with the same lame-ass bands and even more lame interviews... in contrary, it's a zine like Tough Riffs, which keeps the real spirit of death metal alive!!! Killer layout, real interesting questions and always a killer package of bands!!!!!!!! Support or Rot!! Hail the true TOUGH RIFFS Zine and also Schattenmann Publishings (THE FANZINE DISTRO!!!) for the nice trade/support/pacts!!!


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