Beyond the Gates Fanzine - #2


Beyond the Gates Fanzine - #2

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The italian underground fanzine "Beyond the Gates" is back with the second issue!!!
Once again for free!!! This killer zine was made with a lot of spirit and passion which you'll see on every single page!!
This killer isse became even bigger than the last one (52) pages and is written in english - published by the Metal Resistance HMC - Roma/Gates of Hell Recs!

Including interviews with...

-Cirith Ungol
-Dark Forest
-The Wizar'd
-Fer de Lance
-Eurynomos (by yours truely)
-and more...!!!

A killer issue for all those, who are still cursed by doubts regarding fanzines... it's for free you fukkers, so you won't lose anything except of your stupidity and boredom which you'd get by checking facebook all the time... THIS is the real deal! Support the Underground - Get active or fukk off!!!

***Italy Import***

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