Buried God - Dark Revelation LP

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One of the most underrated Thrash Metal hordes from the german underground with a long history behind the members (with mastermind Patrick W. Engel on drums)!!! No random Kreator or whatever clone... Buried God had a very own ancient metal influence within their sound, which truely separated them from all the "same-sounding" bands of their time. The one and only album "Dark Revelation" got released in 2003, absolutely far away from all the shitty upcoming "thrash revival", and contained a very special ancient metal touch within the sound!!! Truely one of the very best "new" thrash classics from the german underground!!! Too bad they split up... 

Highly recommended for fans of Witchburner, Delirium Tremens, Desaster, Sadistic Intent etc...

Official LP-Release by Merciless Records (black vinyl!!!)

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