Vomit Division - Rites of Vomit CD

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Arghhhhhh this band left me totally speechless (especially concerning the fact, that it's a fukkin solo-project!) due the absolutely killer song-structures and true underground sound!!! That's the shit I've been waiting for, straight and raw into your guts! Ripping Black Thrash Attack with a strong vomiting street Rock'n'Roll overdose... highly recommended for fans of Gallower, Midnight, Vendul, Division Speed, Necrömanzer, etc.! Great and raging vocals, killer(!) solos here and there and a solid ripping style (fukkin brilliant melodies!!! No standard ufta-ufta rumbling!!!!)! Ignoring the lyrical-themes and cover, Vomit Dision delievers a damn solid record here and concerning the fact that this band has just started one year ago, it's a fukkin huge evolution which mastermind "Desmotes" (also Fiat Nox, etc) has reached here... highly recommended!!! Fukk off "Fun Metal" and Tankard shit... Vomit Division delievers the real stuff here in a way more solid and serious way!!!

Highly recommended!!!

Official CD-Version released by Narcoleptica Prod.


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