Hexecutor - Hangmen of Roazhon MLP

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One of the deadliest new (REAL) Thrash Metal Acts of our days!!!
The mighty EP from 2014 got finally pressed on black waxxx by Dying Victims, delievering only and nothing but only PUREST AGGRESSION!!! Raw and unpolished, straight up your damn ass - four tracks of absolute brilliance, shredding straight towards your heads at neckbreaking but tight speed with absolutely killer riffs and variations (no boring shred shred bullshit)! Hexecutor demonstrated directly their real strength since day one and "HANGMEN OF ROAZHON" is one of the best examples for their early works. All the other flip-cap & "beer-pizza-mosh"-kids can go fukkin home and LEARN from the real Masters how to do it right!!! Hail HEXECUTOR!!!



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