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Magical traditional Heavy Metal with a strong aura of the late 70s/early 80s. Angel Blade hails the traditional old style and the magnificent and hard rocking riffs and lead-guitarwork (awesome and absolutely surprising!!!) are taking you straight back to the glory days of Heavy Metal Tyranny! Great intros, lots of variations within the different hymns and once again and finally, a very good vocalist!!! This demo directly crawled up towards my favorites within the small rank of newer Heavy Metal Bands (next to the mighty Traveler - also their fans shouldn't miss to check out this outstanding band!)... so far, this has been the only demo of this secret and obscure band from germany but it will leave you longing for more!

100% satisfcation guaranty if you're looking for something more special than all the average "fake 80s retro copycats"!!! This is the real deal! Heavy Metal Magic!!

Official Tape-Version incl. Sticker and Button by Dying Victims Prod.


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