Hellshock - Only the Dead know the End of War Pic-LP

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Bring it on!!! Hellshock delievers a lethal bastard of ripping crust with slight thrash/death-metal influences at some points (partly even breaking in some killer parallels to early BOLT THROWER!!!!!!!!!) to reach the ultimate level of brutal insanity! "Only the Dead..." leaves no time to breath, survive this masterpiece or die in pain!!! Hard to believe that this killer was their debut-album right after just one demo in 2003... and it's still an essential! Test of time: survived and still highly recommended!!!!

Released on PIC-LP by Agipunk Recs. (300 copies)

***Italy Import***


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Versandgewicht: 300 g
Versandgewicht: 300 g
Versandgewicht: 300 g
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