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Anyone remembers the greek thrash metal aggressor "Revenge"? The one, who played harder and rawer than most others in europe during their time... sick stuff and sick times during early 2000s!!! Now, we'll finally get something special delievered here: The band already stopped for quite a while somewhere in 2011/12 or something but recorded an album, which has never been released so far (till now): MASSACRE IN HEAVEN!!! This bestial final assault shows the rawest and most aggressive black side of the hellenic Beast... Blackened Thrash at its finest!!! 7 blasphemic tunes of devastating Underground Extremity with the bands typical own sound and style, which just became even more agressive!!! I have to confess that this is truely one of the best releases I've heard and seen for quite a while, because everything's done perfectly here... KILLER artwork, KILLER layout and most important of all absolutey killer tracks!!!! (Limited to 100 copies, hand-numbered of course!)

Official Tape-Release by Read my Feast Prod! Once again the price is a bit more expensive due to expensive wholesale-prices and import-costs... but it's absolutely worth it, as this album and band slays!!! (And in contrary to what's been written on Metal Archives, I've been told that the band is NOT active again unfortunately...)

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