Hellion - Hordes of Witchery CD

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Arghh raw and unpolished, witching Thrash Metal from the colombian pits of south american hell!!! These guys started young as fukk but already knew, where to go and how to do it...  raging, ripping and thrashing just like WITCHTRAP (even the vocals got very close to B.A. Ripper!!!), this killer horde truely knows to convince - truely knows how to thrash the whip!!! "Hordes of Witchery" marks the second album (2017) of this outstanding new thrash-horde and just got re-released on CD in a noble-version by Awakening Recs., incl. OBI!!! Highly recommended for all those, who are sick and tired of all these kiddy-party-thrash bullshit... this is the real and raw stuff, south american madness all the way!!!

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Versandgewicht: 100 g
Versandgewicht: 100 g
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