Trupi Swad - W imie Diabla CD (Digipack)

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A great rising force of radical underground black metal metal from mighty terrortories of Poland!!!
Keeping it traditional, Trupi Swad hails the traditional sound and style of the real first wave black metal spirit, with a partly faster style... back to the meaning, when black metal still had all the influences of traditional metal (heavy, speed, thrash...) and got defined by its satanic lyrics - back to the roots!!! This EP is definitely the worth the nice Digipack-release and a great first step (debut-EP) for this still young and new horde, nevertheless there's no doubt about the seriousness of maniac behind this solo-project(!) 'Nikki Speed'!!! (An interview will be featured in Bestial Desecration #6, then you'll understand...)

As mentioned before, this CD-Version comes as a classic Digipack. Released through the one and only PUTRID CULT!!!

***Poland Import***



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